This is a popular type of investment. In this particular case an investor loans money to a corporate or governmental entity for a defined period of time at a variable or fixed interest rate. An investor’s profit depends on the amount of fixed interest.


Why invest in bonds?

We can offer you the most favourable conditions for trading on the stock market, such as:

Low Risk

Bonds mean investing in debt, and should a company go bankrupt, bonds holders are first in line to get paid. If this unfortunate event happens, bonds holders have some part of their money returned, while shareholders often lose all their invested funds.

Regular Income

Bonds pay interest regularly, so they can be regarded as a steady source of income from your savings.

High Liquidity

Companies often issue a large number of bonds, since it does not affect their price in any way.

Bonds essentials

Simply create a trading account, deposit your funds in it, sign in to the application, and you’re ready to start. An advantage of bonds is that you can invest any amount. So your main task is selecting bonds that will meet your needs.

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Bonds are a type of fixed income investment, in which the bond issuer borrows money from an investor. Once you become the company’s creditor, your profit directly depends on fixed interest.

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Demo Account

The demo account is the most convenient way to get familiar with trading on the capital markets. Don’t think this is only for beginners - experienced traders can use it to their advantage to test new trading strategies.

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