Trading with commodities is one of the most ancient trading instruments. A commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type.The sale and purchase of commodities is usually carried out through futures contracts on exchanges that standardize the quantity and minimum quality of the commodity being traded.


Why invest in commodities?

We can offer you the most favourable conditions for trading on the stock market, such as:


Trading with commodities is often a long-term investment, so you do not have to keep an eye on market movements every single day.

Protection Against Inflation

One of the main advantages of investing in commodities is that it acts as a barrier for inflation. When the prices for goods and services go up because of the inflation, the price of commodities used to produce them goes up as well. The supply must meet the demand, as more commodities are needed. Therefore, the value of your investment rises as well.

Various Commodities Available

IIf you as an investor have owned a stock for the last six months, all profits gained as a result of share movements are tax free.

Commodities essentials

It is easy to start. You should create a trading account, deposit your funds in it and log in to the application.

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Trading with commodities is usually connected with a huge number of different corporations, despite this fact they have great potential for individual investments. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to deal with the physical commodities, but rather with their derivatives, i.e. so-called commodity futures. Trading Commodities is a highly speculative market and does not require investment in the underlying assets so it can offer high returns on initial outlay.

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Demo Account

The demo account is the most convenient way to get familiar with trading on the capital markets. Don’t think this is only for beginners - experienced traders can use it to their advantage to test new trading strategies.

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