Nowadays stocks are widely known amongst ordinary shareholders. In order to start, you just have to choose a particular firm or corporation to invest in. Moreover, owning the stocks gives you the right to receive the dividends or sell your shares to somebody else.


Why invest in stocks?

We can offer you the most favourable conditions for trading on the stock market, such as:

Personal Trading Assistant

Imagine having all trading support you need, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, from a team of highly skilled professionals waiting to deal with a tricky question – and you’ll understand why we are market leaders! And the best part? You can choose to talk to a personal assistant in your mother tongue.


When you buy shares, you become entitled to a share in company’s profits. These profits come in the form of fixed dividends. You can invest in any joint stock company. Having stocks with a high dividend yield in your portfolio can mean a steady income for you.

Tax Free

IIf you as an investor have owned a stock for the last six months, all profits gained as a result of share movements are tax free.

Stocks essentials

It is easy to start. You should create a trading account, deposit your funds in it and log in to the application.

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Shares can be divided into types and classes.

1. Ordinary shares are the most common type. They carry one vote per share and they entitle the owner to participate equally in the company’s dividends. If the organisation is wound up, the proceeds are again allocated equally.

2.Non-voting ordinary shares usually carry no right to vote and no right to attend general meetings. These shares are usually given to employees so that remuneration can be paid as dividends for the purposes of tax efficiency for both parties.

3.Preference shares entitle the owner to receive a fixed amount of dividends every year. This is received ahead of individuals that hold ordinary shares. It is also usually as a percentage of the nominal value (the value stated when the shares were issued).

4.Redeemable shares are issued on the terms that the company will/may buy them back at a future date. This is either fixed or, set at the director’s discretion. It’s usually done with non-voting shares given to employees so that if the employee leaves, the shares can be taken back at their nominal value.

Considering all the information above, you just have to choose the most suitable type of shares.

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Demo Account

The demo account is the most convenient way to get familiar with trading on the capital markets. Don’t think this is only for beginners - experienced traders can use it to their advantage to test new trading strategies.

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